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Innovative Food Production Technology Supporting the Global Demand for Japanese Cuisine

2024/4/24 13:17:03

FOOMA JAPAN 2024: Over 5,000 Solutions and 1,000 Companies Unite

TOKYO, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Japanese cuisine is cherished worldwide, thanks to groundbreaking advancements in food production technologies in Japan. These innovations have enabled cost reductions through automation and efficiency while maintaining high standards of quality control and safety. Environmental considerations such as energy conservation and recycling are also integral to these processes. Moreover, Japanese food production technology plays a crucial role in promoting regional economic development and integration, providing the expertise that helps local food industries grow and compete internationally.

Spotlight Event: FOOMA JAPAN 2024

The upcoming comprehensive food production expo, "FOOMA JAPAN 2024," to be held at Tokyo Big Sight, is gathering attention. This event is expected to unveil new prospects for the future of food manufacturing.

Highlighted Technologies at FOOMA JAPAN 2024:

Suzumo Machinery's ESM-SLB: Known for its high-quality sushi robots, Suzumo Machinery's multi-rice serving and container supply line, ESM-SLB, is gaining traction not only in Japan but also in North America and Asia. This machine automates the packing of 'bento' (Japanese lunch boxes) catering to various container shapes and situations, addressing labor reduction and automation needs.

Suzumo Machinery's ESM-SLB
Suzumo Machinery's ESM-SLB

TECHMAGIC's I-Robo: This stir-fry cooking robot, which won an Innovation Award at CES 2024, automates tasks traditionally done by skilled chefs, such as stirring, heating, and even cleaning the frying pan post-cooking. I-Robo perfectly recreates popular dishes like fried rice and stir-fried vegetables, with flexible and precise control over heating temperature, time, and pan movements, aiding in labor shortage solutions.



FOOMA JAPAN is a pivotal industry event that brings together solutions to accelerate problem-solving in the food industry. The previous event in 2023 saw participation from 53 countries with 3,178 attendees, and an even larger international turnout is expected this year. Attendees from previous years have commented on the uniqueness and comprehensiveness of the machinery and solutions available at FOOMA JAPAN, highlighting its utility in starting new food businesses.

Ongoing Innovations and Outreach:

With themes like "Do You Know FOOMA!" and "We Are FOOMA JAPAN!" for 2024, the event continues to engage through its official website, YouTube channel, and newsletters, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technological and innovative themes in food manufacturing.

FOOMA JAPAN Website (English)

FOOMA JAPAN Website (Chinese)

Official YouTube Channel


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